Text Messages Lead to Arrest of Orlando Man for Lewd and Lascivious Battery and Other Charges


Parents and caregivers should monitor the text messages and e mails of their teen children. Of course, this can be a battle at times due to the typical teen’s demand for privacy. In Kissimmee, Florida, a mother became concerned when she saw some text messages to her 13 year old daughter’s mobile phone. These text messages eventually lead to the mother’s discovery that her 13 year old daughter had sex with a 21 year old man that she met online at www.myspace.com. The mother reported the texts to the police who later arrested the man for lewd and lascivious battery, traveling to meet with a minor, and driving with a suspended license.

Children and teens greatly enjoy the Internet. Unfortunately, children and teens do not appreciate the dangers of online sites like My Space and Facebook. Parents should teach their children about the dangers of predators on the Internet and the fact that they target children. Parents should do their best to keep children off of sites like Facebook and My Space. In the alternative, parents should monitor their children’s activities online and on their mobile phones. Make your child be your friend on My Space and Facebook. Set forth restrictions and limitations when your child is online. Make sure that they do not create friendships or liasons from purely online contact. It is well known that a person can be any body he or she wants to be online. You can read more about this Kissimmee story at Orlando Man Arrested Following a Mother’s Discovery of Text Messages.