Text Message Ban While Driving Being Considered by Florida Legislature


Florida legislators / lawmakers are considering a law to ban texting while driving. The details of the bill and the enforcement of the law are being debated by lawmakers. One version of the law would make it the offense primary offense which means that a person can be pulled over and cited for the act of texting while driving. Another version of the law would make it a secondary offense which means that a person would need to be pulled over for some other violation (i.e. speeding or careless driving) before a person would be cited or fined for texting while driving. It makes sense to pass a law since texting while driving only contributes to the already existing problem of distracted driving. The United States Department of Transportation reported that distracted drivers accounted for 6,000 deaths on highways in 2008. You can read more about the debate in Tallahassee among lawmakers and safety advocates at Florida Considering Texting While Driving Ban.

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