Tetherball Play Equipment Is Dangerous for Pre-School Children – 3 Year Old Seriously Injured in New Port Richey, Florida


In New Port Richey, Florida, a terrible playground incident was recently reported involving a 3 year old girl. The incident took place at the Footprints Pre-School and Child Care Center. A teacher found the 3 year old girl unconscious with a tetherball rope wrapped tightly around the little girl’s neck. I question why a tetherball set or rope was in place at a pre-school. The typical tetherball playset can be extremely dangerous to small children. This is especially true when the children are not properly supervised and use the equipment in a dangerous manner. It would be interesting to know what particular equipment was in place at the pre-school. In addition, what rules or protocols were in place at the day care center for sports equipment? What were the supervision procedures for playground activities?

A spokesman with the Department of Children and Families stated that DCF is investigating the incident to find out what happened and how a tetherball rope without a ball became wrapped around the child’s neck. You can read more about this incident at Day Care Center Child Found With Rope Around Neck.