Ten Southeast Georgia Sex Offenders Missing, One Wanted in Florida


Brunswick, Florida native Timothy Paul Hitchcock used to be a popular Christian radio show personality. But on his third sex offender conviction, for trying to seduce a ten year old boy on the Internet, he was sentenced to ten years in federal prison. At the time, he was already on probation in Florida for providing obscene materials to a minor. He was released after nine years and placed on a three year probation. He moved to McIntosh County, in Southeastern Georgia.

Three months later, county sheriff’s deputies confirmed that he was living at the address he reported to the Georgia Sex Offender Registry. Shortly thereafter, he disappeared. According to Georgia authorities, Hitchcock crossed the border into Mexico, where he is still at large.

Hitchcock is only one of nine sex offenders last known to be living in South Georgia who cannot be found by law enforcement officials. According to Georgia law, sex offenders face a ten to thirty year prison sentence for failing to register their correct address annually with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Hitchcock could also have his probation revoked and be sent back to federal prison.

In Georgia, monitoring sex offenders is imposed on sheriffs by the state and is not funded. It can put a strain on the resources of rural sheriff departments. But the U.S. Department of Justice has awarded the Georgia Department of Corrections a $500,000 grant to locate and prosecute non-compliant sex offenders. Law enforcement officials are actively seeking information about the whereabouts of Timothy Paul Hitchcock. Anyone who has information about him or any other such offenders is asked to call the nearest law enforcement agency or notify the Georgia Bureau of Investigation through the tip link on its Web site, www.gbi.georgia.gov. Tipsters may remain anonymous.

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