Teens to Testify Against Suspected Pimp in Jacksonville Florida


In Jacksonville, Florida, a federal criminal trial began recently against a man accused of bringing teen girls across State lines (Virginia to Florida) for acts of prostitution.

Marvin Leigh Madkins, age 29, is accused of transporting the teens to Jacksonville, Florida hotels for purposes of prostituting the teens to men who answered ads on the Internet. Mr. Madkins actually used the popular web site Craigs List to commit these crimes. During the time that Madkins was exploiting the teens, their parents in Virginia were searching for their children and begging for clues as to the whereabouts of the children.

Apparently, Madkins lured the teens to take a trip to Florida with him for a supposed drug deal and fancy vacation. Madkins concocted this business deal with only one thought in mind – his best interests and the exploitation and prostitution of these young girls.

While this is a very troubling story, it is yet another reason why parents should take every opportunity that they can to educate their children and warn their children about people like Madkins who are only out for themselves no matter who is harmed in the process.

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