Teenagers Can Get Arrested for Child Pornography for Posting Photos of Themselves Online


Teenagers often lack good judgment. What seems like a joke or innocent fun for the teenager can actually result in serious criminal charges and trouble for the teenager. In Ohio, a 15 year old high school student from Licking Valley High School is facing felony charges for taking nude photographs of herself and sending them to her classmates. Many law enforcement agencies have a zero tolerance for child pornography even if the pornography is sent out by the child. If convicted, the teen could be faced with a lifetime of having to register as a sex offender wherever the teen lives. The teen appeared in court with a criminal defense lawyer / attorney and denied the charges. Apparently, this kind of conduct of posting nude photographs online is a growing problem for junior high and high school students. You can read more about this story and the problem of internet teen nudity posted by students and others at Licking Valley (Ohio) High School Student Facing Felony Charges for Posting Nude Photographs of Herself Online.