Teenager – Joshua Sage Jumps From School Bus and Dies in St. Petersburg, Florida


Joshua Sage, age 18, jumped off a school bus in St. Petersburg, Florida. He died as a result of a skull fracture. What a terrible thing to happen? Why did this happen? As reported by the St. Petersburg Times and the Associated Press, Joshua was on a school bus. Children were misbehaving and being rowdy on the school bus so the bus driver decided to return back to St. Petersburg High School. Joshua feared getting in trouble for the behavior problems and decided to jump off the bus.

School districts in Florida have rules and procedures for dealing with behavior problems on buses. For some reason, some children / students feel that the school bus is a jungle gym or some other play area. Some children do not feel that “goofing around” is ok on a school bus since the bus driver cannot see you and the school bus is off of school grounds. When children are out of control on school buses, children can get hurt and suffer serious personal injuries.

School bus drivers have a challenge in driving our children in the State of Florida. It is important that the school bus driver maintain control but this is not always easy with children, especially teenagers who have minds of their own.

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