Teenager Girl Stabbed in Fight Over Boyfriend in Pinellas Park, Florida


Sarah Ludemann, age 18, was the tragic and unfortunate victim of a fatal stabbling in Pinellas Park, Florida. Sarah went to confront Rachel Wade about a boyfriend issue. The two started fighting. The fight ended with Rachel stabbing Sarah with a kitchen knife. Sarah died 1 hour later after the stabbing. Rachel Wade was arrested on charges of second degree murder.

A wrongful death case can be pursued by the family of Sarah Ludemann against Rachel Wade. The civil case may be covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy. In Florida, most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover intentional violent acts of this nature. It could be argued that Rachel Wade did not mean to fatally stab Sarah Ludemann but only wanted to scare her or try to defend herself with the knife. Yes, it may be a difficult argument to make; nevertheless, there may be an element of negligence to this matter as to how the stabbing took place.

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