Teen Suffers Serious Personal Injuries After Being Hit by Car in Volusia County, Florida


A Volusia County teen was hit by a vehicle in a early morning accident. The middle school student was transported to Halifax Regional Medical Center by air ambulance. At the time of this story, the extent of the teen’s injuries were unknown. The teen may have been on her way to school when she was hit.

When pedestrians are hit by automobiles, the injuries can be devastating. When driving an automobile in school zones, it is critical that you follow the posted speed limits. Drivers must be extra vigilant in school zones and follow the directions of school crossing guards. As a driver, you should be alert and watch for pedestrians and children riding bicycles. Drivers should come to a full stop when a school bus is loading and unloading children and make sure that the children have cleared the way before proceeding. Keep and eye out for children gathering at bus stops. Remember to always be mindful of children walking in the streets, sometimes they are unaware of automobiles. For more information see, Teen Suffers Serious Personal Injuries After being Hit by car In Volusia County, Florida.