Teen Struggles with Burn Injuries After Being Set Afire by Broward County Teens


In Miami, Florida, Michael Brewer, age 15, is currently a patient at the University of Miami / Jackson Memorial Hospital Burn Center. Michael was the unfortunate victim of a crime committed by other teenagers. It was reported that Michael was covered with rubbing alcohol and then set afire by teens who thought that Michael was a “snitch” for reporting that another boy had stolen a bicycle. It was estimated that Michael suffered injuries from second / third degree burns to over 60 % of his body. He needs a ventilator to breathe and a special mattress and care to deal with these serious personal injuries.

This senseless criminal act of setting this child on fire will be dealt with through the Broward County Florida criminal justice system. The teens, who committed this crime, should be sentenced and serve time commensurate with the horrible nature and cowardice actions associated with the crime. You can read more about this story at Florida Teen Struggles with Major Burn Injuries from Criminal Acts of Other Teens.