Teen (Robyn Mary-Ruth Munsch) Stabbed at Daytona Beach Amphitheater – Arrests Made


In Daytona Beach, Florida, a teen was stabbed at an amphitheater over a fight involving text messages and a girlfriend. As a result of this meeting / fight, the teen, 16 year old Robyn Mary-Ruth Munsch, died. Police charted Raymond North (age 23) with first degree murder and charged Carl Bech and Dallas Mobbs as accessories to this crime according to a story posted at the Orlando Sentinel and Florida Times Union websites. A young person’s life was ended short due to senseless violence. News reports did not indicate very many details of the crime; however, it is clear that the senseless death and injuries could have been avoided. Settling matters with fists, knives, and / or guns is not a solution at all. When children have a problem at school or with others, it is vital that children seek advice from their parents, elders, and mentors. The best advice for this situation would have been to stay away from the amphitheater and let time pass over this matter. Neither a girlfriend, insult or pride are worth the loss of a teen’s life.