Teen Files Civil Suit Against School Board for Violation of Civil Rights at Prom

Kevin Logan, a self described gay bisexual male, filed a lawsuit against an Indiana School Board for violations of his civil rights at prom. Logan, who is also known as K.K., went to prom in full make up and a prom dress. He was asked to leave the prom by school security. Kevin claims that he was humiliated and the special night was ruined by the violation of his civil rights.

I am not sure how this case will turn out or what the measure of damages would be for a case of this nature. It is an interesting case in that another student, a lesbian, was allowed to attend the prom wearing a tuxedo. The school board did not apear to be even handed in its handling of alternative lifestyle / gay students at the school.

For more details on this case, you can read an article at the Court TV website at Gary Indiana Teen Sues School Board.

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