Teen Drowns in Hollywood Florida Lake – Falls Out of Canoe


In Florida, the Spring and Summer weather bring out boaters and swimmers. With these activities, there are unfortunately reported incidents of drowning personal injuries and drowning deaths. In Hollywood, Florida, it was reported that a 15 year old boy died after a canoe flipped over. The teen and his friend were just 50 yards from shore at the time of the incident. Tragically, the teen did not make it. The other child was able to swim to shore. The body of the 15 year old teen was later located by divers. It was not reported in the story whether or not the teens were wearing life jackets or not. Furthermore, it was not reported what safety measures or supervision was in place at the time of the incident. Drowning deaths like these show how far and dangerous just 50 yards can be for a child or an adult who falls out of a boat, canoe, or other watercraft. See Hollywood, Florida – 15 Year Old Dies After Falling Out of Canoe that Flipped.