Teen Driving and Automobile Accidents – What Are the Causes of These Automobile Accidents?


Teen driving is influenced by 5 major factors: inexperience, distraction, speed, fatigue, and lack of seat belt use.

Inexperience –

One study suggests that about 2/3 of fatal car accidents involve driver error, specifically those stemming from inexperience and distractions. It has been advised that teens should wait 6-12 months before they are allowed to give rides to their friends.

Distraction –

A car with two or more passengers increases a teen driver’s fatal crash risk by 3-5 times. The world of technology has provided drivers, of all ages, with an ample amount of distractions. A driver who uses a cellular device while driving is four times more likely to be involved in a serious car accident and suffer bodily injury.

Speed –

For male drivers, ranging in age from 15-20-years-old, 38% of fatal car crashes involve speeding. It is common sense, speeding kills.

Fatigue –

Driving while tired is the equivalent of driving while drinking. Drivers younger than 25 make up the majority group of fatigue-caused car crashes.

Seat belts –

Drivers of all ages should wear seat belts. Seat belts save lives. Teen drivers who do not wear seat belts are more likely to become a crash statistic than those teen drivers who do.

Parents should communicate to their teens the dangers of driving and emphasize the importance of safety on the road. Driving is very dangerous and everyone should do their part in keeping the roads safe. Beginning drivers should understand the monumental responsibility they take on when they are issued a driver’s license. Inexperienced driving is a major cause of automobile accidents. Car accidents can be devastating to all of those who are involved especially automobile accidents that cause serious personal injuries or wrongful death.

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