Teen Driver Accidentally Strikes 3 Year Old Nephew in Jacksonville Florida


A tragic accident recently took place in Jacksonville, Florida. A teen driver was moving the family car after a church service and accidentally hit his 3 year old nephew. The incident happened at approximately 1:15 p.m. in the afternoon. The teen reported that the driver’s seat to the Dodge Intrepid broke as he was driving the vehicle. As a result of the seat breaking, the teen lost control of the vehicle and struck the 3 year old nephew. The 3 year old boy was taken to Shands Jacksonville with life threatening injuries. The incident took place in front of Summerville Baptist Church, near downtown Jacksonville, Florida.

The vehicle should be inspected by law enforcement to determine if the driver’s seat caused or contributed to the accident. There are many factors that should be part of the investigation as to the seat:

What was the year of the vehicle?
Were there prior problems with the seat in the past for this vehicle?
Were there prior problems with the seat for Dodge Intrepids in the past?
Has there been any manufacturer recalls for the seat or any of the parts?
Was the seat probably positioned prior to the accident?
Is there a design defect as to the seat?

In addition to law enforcement, the family can hire its own investigator, engineer, and / or Florida child injury lawyer to further investigate this matter.

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