Teen Deaths from Automobile Accident Following St. Johns, Florida House Party Results in Criminal Charges Against Host / Parent


Parents and homeowners in Florida should properly supervise children in their homes against the dangers of alcohol and drug use. The health, safety, and welfare of children and teens depend on the good judgment of parents. In St. Johns, Florida, the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office recently arrested Diane Katz Santarelli for allegations regarding a house party involving teen alcohol, marijuana, and nitrous oxide consumption. Following one such party, Jessy Pitts (age 18) and Taylor Brennan (age 17) were killed when Pitts crashed into another vehicle on Florida State Road 13. Santarelli has been charged with manslaughter and other crimes. It is unusual for such a case to be pursued and there are many facts and circumstances that will be challenged or questioned by a criminal defense attorney on this case. Regardless of the outcome of this criminal case, parents and homeowners should be good role models for children. Having parties filled with alcohol and drugs along with underage adults and children consuming the same can only lead to trouble, personal injuries, death, and, in some cases, criminal charges. You can read more about this story at Teen Deaths in St. Johns Car Accident Lead to Criminal Charges Against Parent of Party.