Teen (Deaf and Mute) Charged with Molesting 3 Year Old Boy in Deland, Florida


Police arrested a deaf and mute teenager for allegedly molesting a three-year-old boy in Deland, Florida. The report accused the 13-year-old boy of performing a sexual act on a younger child. According to the report, the seven-year-old cousin saw her 13-year-old boy engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with a three-year-old boy in a bedroom. The police said that the cousin left the room and did not initially report the incident. Later the cousin found the 13-year-old touching the younger boy in the bathroom, and then she told an adult, said police.

Every parent fears what could happen to their child when they are out of their sight. After all, children go to school, extra-curricular actives, the mall, parties, etc., so parents cannot be with them every minute of the day. But, parents can protect their children from sexual abuse by instilling strong family values, encourages open and honest communication and following a few basic safety rules.

Law enforcement provides these few basic safety rules for parents and their children:

• Children will ask their parents for permission before they go anywhere. The children should tell their parents where they are going, who they are going with and what time they will be back.
• Children should not accept gifts or money from strangers.
• Children should never get in a car with anyone (even if it someone they know), unless their parents give permission.
• Children should never play alone and always use a buddy system.

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