Teen Attacked on School Bus in Jacksonville (Duval County) Florida – Legal Rights and Responsibilities of the Injured Child


A brutal beating took place on a school bus traveling to Twin Lakes Middle School in Duval County, Florida. While on her way to school, Lisa Wright’s 15-year-old daughter was attacked after another student on the bus took her daughter’s belongings. Wright said her daughter is now covered in bruises and described the bus ride as “a total nightmare.” Wright stated one child was holding her daughter down while others were slamming her head against the window and reaching over seats and punching her daughter in the head. The incident report cites multiple witnesses to the attack and reveals that three girls and one boy were involved in the attack. Wright is actively pressing charges with the State Attorney’s Office. In a released statement, the Duval County School Board said appropriate disciplinary action have been taken against the students involved with the bus beating. Wright is also upset with the bus driver by not intervening and stopping the attack. Durham Bus Company, owner of the school bus where the attacked occurred, has not commented on the incident. Wright stated her daughter sustained a severe concussion, whiplash, and suffered a seizure while on the bus. For more details see Brutal attack occurs on Twin Lakes Middle School school bus in Duval County, Florida.