Teagan Marti, Amusement Ride Accident Victim, Makes Appearance – The Importance of Safety at Amusement Parks and Theme Parks


Teagan Marti made a public appearance recently following a tragic incident that took place in Wisconsin over the summer. This resilient and brave 13 year old is doing her best to deal with serious personal injuries that resulted from inattention, negligence, and carelessness on the park of a Wisconsin amusement park. Teagan has a very supportive family and has received months of medical care to get to where she is medically today. Teagan is texting friends and playing video games. She has made progress and has the spirit and drive to improve but still has a long road ahead of her with these injuries.

Safety is so vital for Amusement Parks and Theme Parks. Otherwise, significant injuries, like those to Teagan Marti, will result. Safety first . . . . safety in the middle . . . and safety last should always be followed for any ride and for every rider. Amusement Parks and Theme Parks welcome children through the doors every day. Children and their families bring in the dollars and expect to have a good time. In addition to entertainment, parents should be provided with a safe environment for their children. Most parents are not engineers or safety experts when it comes to a mechanical ride or attraction. These duties belong to the Amusement Park and Theme Park. Contrary to any signs or attempts to limit liability, Amusement Parks and Theme Parks are liable for the negligence and misconduct of their employees. A child does not enter a ride at his or her own risk. That is a ridiculous argument that is clearly frowned upon by judges, courts, and juries.

You can read more about Teagan Marti, the remarkable teenager, dealing with the significant personal injuries from the Wisconsin amusement park at Girl Who Survived Carnival Ride Makes First Public Appearance.
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