Teachers and Students – Inappropriate Conduct Including Sexual Encounters Lead to Loss of Jobs


In Florida, some teacher make headlines for great teaching or accomplishments in the community. Others make headlines when they get arrested and / or fired for having sex with students or inappropriate conduct with teachers. It is estimated that more than 175 teachers in Florida lost their licenses over the past 5 years for sexual misconduct / actions that ranged from sex to touching to inappropriate text messages and e mails. One such incident took place in Tamarac. Josie Stratton was a biology teacher at J.P. Taravella High School. While working as a teacher, she became involved with a “love” affair with a 17 year old student. This inappropriate relationship led the student to moving out of his house and marrying the teacher. The marriage lasted only 5 months. The State of Florida subsequently revoked the teacher’s teaching certificate. This is one of many incidents that has tarnished the image of Florida schools and Florida’s education system. Most teachers are great and very supportive of the children under their supervision and tutelage. It is a shame that a few “bad apples” use poor and selfish judgment which, in turn, is harmful to the child victim, the school, and the community. You can read more about this topic at Teachers and sex: Scores in Florida have lost jobs due to improper conduct with students.

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