Tavares Student Brings Gun in Class with Wrong Teacher (Teacher also a Trained Police Officer)

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Anthonique Pamphile had a bad idea – bringing a gun to school. He may have had his reasons but guns are dangerous items in a teens hands especially on school grounds. Fortunately, a Lake County substitute teacher at Evans High School was paying attention and doing his job not only as as substitute teacher but also as an off duty police officer. With Officer Billy Evans experience, training, and attentiveness, he was able to spot the fact that Anthonique Pamphile was carrying a concealed weapon / firearm. Harper contacted the police resource officer who patted the student down and located the firearm / gun in the student's pocket. Pamphile was arrested for possession of a firearm on school grounds and possession of a firearm by a minor. It is very fortunate the Officer Billy Evans was paying attention not only to teaching but to the student's conduct and suspicious appearance. Teachers and officers like Billy Harper are vital to our children's safety in the Florida School System. The actions of Billy Harper may even have saved a child, teacher, or adult from suffering serious personal injuries or wrongful death from the discharge / shooting of a firearm in the Lake County Public School System. You can read about this story at Teacher Cop on the Job – Spots Student with Gun in His Pocket.