Tampa, Florida Police Cracking Down on Jaywalkers and Traffic Violators


In an effort to reduce pedestrian fatalities, Tampa police have launched a campaign to monitor busy downtown crosswalks. The police department plans to warn jaywalkers who violate crosswalk laws and hand out traffic citations to drivers breaking the traffic laws. According to Tampa police, seventy percent of pedestrian fatalities occur when pedestrians are crossing the street improperly. Impatience is believed to be the leading cause of people not wanting to cross in the crosswalk.

Parents should always be very cautious when travelling on foot with their children, and make sure to hold the child’s hand at all times. Children often have poor safety judgment and awareness when crossing streets or walking near traffic. All drivers should practice safe driving habits by keeping a sharp eye out for pedestrians, especially children, who may dart out into traffic unexpectedly. Better awareness on the part of both pedestrians and drivers can help prevent traffic fatalities and personal injuries.

Read more about the Tampa police department’s efforts to cut down on pedestrian accidents at Tampa push to reduce pedestrian fatalities off to a slow start.

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