Tampa Bay Middle School Teacher (Kylene Nelson) Resigns Following Going to Work Drunk Incident


In Florida and other states, teachers, aides, and school administrators have a duty to supervise and educate our children. During the time that teachers are “on duty”, it is vital that teachers are alert and awake so that they can properly supervise the children under their care. In Tampa, Florida, a middle school teacher (Kylene Nelson) went to work under the influence of alcohol. Her blood alcohol level was reported to be .26 which is more than three times the legal limit to drive an automobile in the State of Florida. Kylene Nelson entered into an agreement to resign and be eligible to return to a classroom in June 2013. The agreement must be approved by the State of Florida Education Practices Commission.

There were no reports that any children under this teacher’s care suffered any personal injuries or harm on the date of the incident. Nevertheless, this teacher’s intoxication needed to be addressed because it did put students in danger. Middle school student often times have poor judgment and safety awareness. As such, it is important for teachers to be watchful and ready to step in if there is a dangerous situation to the children. Furthermore, our children deserve the best that a teacher can offer. Having an impaired teacher because of drugs or alcohol certainly does not create an ideal learning environment for the students. You can read more about this story at Florida Middle School Teacher Agrees to a Suspension – Teachers Should Not Drink and Teach.