Tampa Bay Area (Florida) Baby Dies From Injuries Suffered from being Dropped on Tiled Floor


In the Tampa Bay area of Florida, it was recently reported that an baby (9 months old) died while following serious personal injuries that the child received from being repeatedly dropped on a tiled floor. Criminal charges will be pursued for the death of this child against the babysitter – Joseph Kenneth Oliver, Jr. It was reported that Mr. Oliver dropped the baby on the floor out of frustration when the child was crying. Under Florida law, Mr. Oliver will be able to defend himself against the charges through the services of a Florida criminal defense attorney or the services of the Public Defender’s Office. If the admissions as reported as admissible in the criminal case, it will be a tough case to defend against the criminal charges. See Baby Dropped On Tile Dies from Injuries – Criminal Prosecution of Babysitter.

It is quite tragic that a child died at such a young age. All caregivers including parents, babysitters, teachers, day care providers, grandparents, and others should realize that infants and children cry. It is a fact of life. The best way to handle a crying child is to remain calm and think through your actions. Never strike an infant or cause bodily harm to an infant for any reason. Whether the child is a perfect angel or cries all night, corporal punishment / physical violence is never ever the answer.

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