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In Middleburg, Florida and other Florida communities, there are bicyclists on and near the roads on a daily basis throughout the year.  All drivers should proceed with caution any time that a child is on or near the roadway as a bicyclist or a pedestrian.  When a child suffers serious personal injuries or dies as a result of a bicycle accident or incident, there are a number of issues that can be involved with the aftermath of such a tragedy.  In Florida, legal cases involving children are handled differently than legal cases on behalf of adults.   Because of this, it is important that a parent seek legal counsel from an experienced Florida Child Injury Lawyer.  Here are some of the issues or questions that arise when a child suffers injuries as a result of a bicycle accident:

Was the accident avoidable on the part of the driver?

Did the driver have the opportunity to see the child bicyclist prior to the bicycle accident?