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Swimming Safety Measures

During the summer months in Florida and other States, children enjoy the free time and water related activities like swimming in the pool of summer camp, school, day care center, community center, friend, or neighbor.  Splashing around and playing with friends to beat the summer heat can be great fun.  Unfortunately for some children and families, these very same swimming pools can be the site of the serious personal injury or death of a child due to a drowning incident.  Approximately 1000 children per year the United States drown.  Another alarming statistic is that over 5000 children suffer personal injuries each year as a result of near drowning related incidents.  While drowning does not discriminate by age or anything else, it is clear that it is the youngest children in the community who are at greatest risks.  Drowning is reported as the leading cause of death for children between the ages of 1 and 4 years old.  Many drowning related incidents and near drowning related incidents can be avoided through better and more attentive adult supervision during swim time.  Furthermore, any time that a child is near a body of water whether it is a swimming pool, wading pool, lake, river, ocean, water park, etc . . . – measures should be taken to supervise children so that they do not wander off and go play in the water or aquatic related area without proper adult supervision and related safety measures.

For summer camps, day care centers, schools, and other child care providers, written rules and policies should be posted, distributed, and followed for all child care personnel.  There should be trained lifeguards in place.  In addition, personnel should be trained in CPR and other safety measures.  Whether swimming activities are taking place at a school, day care center, camp, or even a neighbor’s house, here are some safety measures that should always be kept in mind:

Van - the Letter VIn the State of Florida, children enrolled in day care centers are often transported to and from the day care center by transporation provided by the day care center or an indepedent school transportation company.  Often, day care center vans are used to transport the children.  Passenger vans – especially the longer and larger vans – at times roll over when involved in automobile accidents in the State of Florida as well as the rest of the United States.  These rollover accidents can and do result in serious personal injuries to the children and as well as the adult occupants of the van.  When a child is injured in a day care center van rollover accident, it is important that the child is properly assessment and evaluated for musculoskeletal injuries, head injuries, internal injuries, and other complications that result from the crash.  The scene at day care center van rollover accidents can be quite disturbing especially when a person sees a day care center van flipped over and resting on the roof of the van.  Several questions or issues come to mind in the wake of a day care center van rollover accident:

How many children were in the van?

What are the manufacturer guidelines for the van as to seating?  seatbelts? other safety features?

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