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 Highway ViewSince people began driving automobiles, there have always been a problem with distracted driving.  Now that virtually every driver out there owns a mobile phone or has access to one, distracted driving is even more prevalent if there is any mobile phone use during the driver.   That’s right, any mobile phone usage.  Whether it is a quick check of a text message or a telephone call, mobile phones take a driver’s eyes, ears, and / or mind off the primary task and responsibility of driving.   It is estimated that in 2012, there were over 3,000 who died as a result of automobile accidents caused by distracted driving.  Another disturbing figure involves the number of people suffering personal injuries as a result of distracted driving. In 2012, over 420,000 people suffered personal injuries as a result of distracted driving.  Most such accidents are avoidable and preventable.   Children, as drivers or passengers, are often injured due to the negligence, fault, and / or distracted driving of another person.  Here are some types of distracted driving:
* Mobile Phone Use (talking – conversation);
* Text Messaging;
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