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The tragedy of a child being injured or killed is one that cannot be overlooked and impacts communities on a large scale. All around the country, especially in major cities, there are many busy roads filled with pedestrians, including children, and vehicles being driven by distracted drivers. Adult pedestrians and children alike often need to cross the street in order to arrive at their desired destination, and while many use the nearest crosswalk, sometimes circumstances arise (either because there is not one present or it is far out of the way for the pedestrian, to name a couple) which result in the individual crossing the street where there is not a designated crosswalk. This can also be the case, if not more so the case, in smaller cities or residential areas where children are present. This is common because children may feel more comfortable or safer crossing the street without a crosswalk in their own neighborhood, whether it is because of lack of traffic or simply just level of comfort around their residence. When a pedestrian is injured in a crosswalk or in another part of the street due to the negligence or inattention of a driver, there is a ripple effect through the family, neighborhood, and the community. Certainly, crosswalks serve a purpose in delineating the area, warning motorists, and providing a seemingly safe passage across the street; however, the fact remains that all drivers should be watchful of pedestrians especially those who are children and often lack safety awareness and at times common sense.

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Drivers need to pay full attention to the road and their surroundings, slowing down near crosswalks and school zones as well as residential areas, undistracted. The tragedy of a child being hit by a vehicle while crossing the street will leave the family, friends, and community of the child shocked and devastated, to say the least. Just one telephone call, one text message, or one Facebook post (all of which typically have little importance) can result in serious personal injuries and even the death of a pedestrian.

Pedestrian Crossing Sign - Child SafetyIn the State of Florida, there are duties on the part of the pedestrian and duties on the part of the driver.  Florida has adopted a comparative fault set of laws.  This means that a pedestrian can pursue a case or cause of action even if the pedestrian was partially at fault.   Furthermore, there still can a cae or claim pursued on behalf of an injured child pedestrian or the family of a child pedestrian who died as a result of the pedestrian / automobile accident.  Of course, pedestrians should only cross in crosswalks and when the pedestrian signal is green and it is otherwise clear and safe to cross the street; however, in life, this does not always happen.  If a driver sees a pedestrian cross the street, the driver should do everyhing within his or her abilitiies to try to avoid hitting and / or running over the pedestrian.  Just because a pedestrian is jaywalking or otherwise cross at a place and time when it is unsafe to, there are still duties and responsibilities on the part of the driver to slow down and when necessary – take evasive action.
If a child is injured as a result of the negligent or careless driving of another person, a case or claim can be pursued for the following types of damages:
Past Medical Bills;
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