SUV Slams into Concrete Wall in Sarasota, Florida – 4 Teens Die – Legal


The Florida Highway Patrol reported that four teens lost their lives in Sarasota Florida in an automobile accident involving a SUV and a concrete wall. The driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle while he was rounding a corner. Unfortunately, automobile accidents in Florida and other States continue to be one of the leading causes of deaths of teens. Some accidents are unavoidable while others could have been avoided with slower driving and more experience and better judgment behind the wheel. Since this accident involved the deaths, the Florida Highway Patrol will complete a Homicide Investigation to determine the cause and preventability of the accident. It is also expected that autopsies will be performed to determine cause of death and if any other factors caused or contributed to the accident. You can read more about this Florida Automobile Accident at 4 Teens Die in Car Crash in Sarasota, Florida.