Summer Time Fun and Child Injuries


In Florida, summer time gets kids outside. It is a time for swimming, bicycle riding, running away, going to the beach, and playing all kinds of other sports. It is also a time for kids to get injuries from minor ones to more serious personal injuries. It is helpful for parents, counselors, caregivers, and others to have some first aid essentials available for children including: sunscreen, hydrocortisone cream, antibiotic creams and ointments, bug spray, bandages, band aids, gauze pads, hydroperoxide, and other essentials.

It is vital that children stay well nourished and hydrated during these hot summer days. Parents and caregivers should do their best to prevent problems or injuries from taking place at all. When there is a problem, use your first aid kit. For more serious problems and injuries, consult with your pediatrician or go to a local emergency room. You can read more about common summer time injuries at Summer – A Time for Fun and a Time for First Aid.