Study Reported that Teen Boys with ADHD – Higher Risk for Automobile Accidents


A recent study shows that teenage boys with a history of ADHD are at a higher risk (approximately 35%) of getting into automobile accidents than boys who do not have ADHD. In fact, the statistics show not only a higher probability of car accidents while the boy is driving but also as a pedestrian crossing the street.

Even with that said, the study does not suggest these teenage boys should be prohibited from obtaining a driver’s license. One of the underlying facts that could not be obtained within the study were the number of drivers inolved in accidents, who were not taking their medications as prescribed at the time of the accident.

The link between ADHD and probability of higher accidents may have to do with failing to pay attention at all times to road circumstances. Of course there are variables that need to be considered before making such a broad conclusion. In other words, the accident was simply unavoidable and the fact that the driver had ADHD may have nothing to do with the true cause of the automobile accident.

If your son has a history of ADHD and is old enough to drive, make sure he takes his medications as prescribed. Also, try to avoid letting him drive long distances if at all possible. These tips should help lower the probability of your son getting into an accident.

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