Stroller Struck by Pick Up Truck in Pensacola Florida – Baby (Shekuriyah Jenkins) Dies as a Result of Accident Related Injuries


In Pensacola, Florida, a tragic accident was reported involving a pick up truck and a stroller that was occupied by two babies. It was reported by Fox News Orlando and other news outlets that the stroller was in a yellow area in the center of a road that was off limits to pedestrians and motorists. The child’s mother, Shiesha Knight, was on her way to a local store to get diapers and a gift. The driver (Billy Williams) was cited for driving in the yellow zone. Two babies were in the stroller. One died (Shakuriyah Jenkins) and the other baby did not suffer any injuries. What a tragedy for the Jenkins family, friends, church, and community. See Florida Baby Killed in Truck Accident in Pensacola.

It is important for all drivers to slow down in any areas where pedestrians, strollers, or cyclists are located. If a stroller is seen, there is a good reason to slow down and give the person controlling the stroller time to get to a safe sidewalk or other area.

Since a death resulted from this accident, there will be a full investigation by local law enforcement and / or the Florida Highway Patrol to determine the cause and preventability of the accident involving the pick up truck and the stroller.

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