Stop for the School Bus in Florida – It is the Law – Rights of Injured Students


In Florida and other States, laws are in place for the protection of children. In particular, there are laws in place regarding school buses and student passengers. In Florida, pursuant to Section 316.172, Florida Statutes, a driver approaching a school bus which has the stop signals displayed has a duty to stop and to refrain from passing such a vehicle. This particular statute does not address the situation when the yellow lights are flashing as the stop signals on the side of the bus are being extended. While this particular statute may not be violated by passing the school bus when the yellow lights are flashing, it still may be negligent of the driver to pass the school bus or hit a student walking near the school bus under these circumstances. Flashing yellow lights are certainly a warning and an obvious signal that the school bus is stopping and that children are in the area. To pursue a negligence claim or case in Florida, there does not have to be a violation of a State of Florida statute. Negligence standards are much more broad than the Florida Statutes and each case, incident or accident should be evaluated on its own merits. For the safety of children, slow down any time that a school bus is on the road, about to stop, or stopped.