Starke, Florida Police Arrest Jacksonville Man With Sexual Contact with a Minor

A Jacksonville Florida 19 year old man was arrested and charged with having sex with a minor between the ages of 12 and 15 in Starke Florida The Defendant, Malique R. Gamble, stated that he met the minor online and thought she was older. Mr. Gamble was caught in bed with the minor and the relatives called the police.


This case shows the dangers of the internet. Mr. Gamble met the minor online and claims that he was informed that she was older than she actually was. The case is similar to the Catch a Predator Shows on television. Unfortunately, Mr. Gamble, unlike the predators on television, made it into bed with the minor. It is very important for parents in Florida and other States to supervise and monitor internet activity to the best of their ability. Speak to your children. Make sure that they understand the dangers of internet that is filled with thousands and thousands of predators, sexual offenders, and criminals. You can read more about this Florida matter at the Gainesville Sun newspaper web site at Jacksonville Florida Man Accused of Sexual Contact with a Minor.

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