St. Petersburg, Florida 8 Year Old Girl (Paris Whitehead-Hamilton) Unfortunate Victim of Shooting – Homicide Investigation


In St. Petersburg, Florida, 8 year old – Paris Whitehead-Hamilton – was sleeping in her home when she was hit by bullets that were sprayed into the home. Paris was sleeping in the front end of the home at the time of the shooting. She was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead by doctors at the hospital a short time later. Police investigators believe that the shooting was one of retaliation and an investigation will be conducted into this matter.

Paris’ life was certainly cut short by a senseless act of violence. Hopefully, the police will catch the shooters and anybody else associated with the shooting. Parents should be taking their 8 year olds to the park, school, birthday parties, and other places. . . parents should not have to bury their 8 year olds who are the unfortunate victims of a shooting.

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