St. Johns County Florida – Local Ordinance Bans Sex Offenders From Halloween Activities at their Homes


A local ordinance passed recently by the St. Johns County Florida County Commission is aimed at sex offenders and their participation in Halloween related activities. In order to keep children away from the homes of sex offenders during Halloween, sex offenders cannot dress up in costumes or decorate their homes for Halloween. In addition, a simple sign must be posted that states “No Candy”. There are 178 registered sex offenders in St. Johns County. The failure to comply with this ordinance can result in a fine and / or jail time. Some argue that the law is unconstitutional and unfair. Others (including myself) believe that the laws will help protect children and keep them away from the homes of many sex offenders who have committed sex crimes against children and / or others. You can read more about the St. Johns County Ordinance at Halloween and Sex Offenders Will Not Be Mixing This Halloween.