St. Johns County Florida Boy in Stable Condition Following Near Drowning Incident


In Florida, we have great weather and water every where. While the various lakes, rivers, oceans, and canals are great fun for adults and children, they are also very dangerous areas to small curious children. In St. Johns County, Florida, a 3 year old was reported to have nearly drowned in a pond near his home. While his father was working on a deck at the home, the 3 year old wandered into a nearby canal. The family dog was acting oddly apparently in an attempt to alert the father that something was wrong. Soon thereafter, the father found the boy in the pond. The father then brought his son to a neighbor’s house and started CPR. JSO Deputy Loren Schneider later heled with the CPR and the child was transferred to Flagler Hospital and later transferred to Wolfson Children’s Hospital.

The family dog should be rewarded with a nice meal or bone. Also, the actions of Deputy Loren Schneider and medical providers should be commended for saving this child. Hopefully, the child has a full recovery from this almost tragic incident. This story shows how children can be curious and put themselves in danger. Drownings can happen in mere minutes. As such, if you have home with a pool or that is near a waterway, keep constant supervision of your small children. You can read more about this story at St. Johns County Florida Child Nearly Drowns in Nearby Canal.