St. Johns County ATV Accident – Possible Charges of Careless Driving – 3 Teens Injured and Treated at Flagler Hospital


In St. Johns, Duval, Clay, and Nassau County Florida, ATVs are quite popular. Throughout Florida, there are plenty of areas to ride an ATV. Typically, a few hours spent on an ATV is fun and nobody gets hurt. Unfortunately, there have been many incidents reported in Florida involving accidents and injuries involving ATVs. It is important when a person owns or operates an ATV to do so with safety and caution. This is especially true when teens or children operate or ride on an ATV. While not all accidents can be prevented, consistent adult supervision can go a long way to preventing many ATV accidents or incidents involving teens and children. In St. John County, Florida, the Florida Times Union reported that an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) overturned and caused personal injuries to three teens (ages 11 through 14). The injured children were treated at Flagler Hospital. The personal injuries as reported were not life threatening. The incident took place off of County Road 214. The operator / driver of the ATV stated that the four wheel ATV overturned at a curve in the road. There may be charges or citations that result from the accident in the form of operating an ATV on the roadway and without a license as well as for careless driving. See Three Youths Injured in St. Johns County ATV Accident. The owner of the ATV reported that the vehicle was taken without his permission. The owner is the father of the teen who was driving or operating the ATV.

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