Sport Injuries and Children – Safety Should be The Top Priority


In Florida and other States, millions of children participate in organized sports. Children play in team sports like basketball, baseball, football, soccer, or lacrosse. Children play in individual sports as well like tennis, golf, and bowling. While there are many health and social benefits to playing in sports, there are also some health and safety risks. While not all injuries can be avoided in sports or life for that matter, many injuries can be avoided with proper training, instruction, and supervision. The risks probably rise with age and the competitive nature of the sport. It was reported by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association that over 700,000 high school sport related injuries are reported every year. On a daily basis, there are 8,000 children seen, evaluated and treated in emergency rooms.

March is designated as National Athletic Training Month. It is important for NATA and other child safety advocates to get the message out about safety and sports. Parents should do their part to work with their children, coaches, and schools to help promote the safety and welfare of children engaged in sports. You can read more about children and sports related injuries at Safety – A Priority for Children Participating in Sports.