Special Needs Boy (Age 3) Left on Osceola County School Bus for 6 Hours – School Employees Arrested


In Florida and other States, there is a problem with school and day care providers leaving young children on buses, vans, and other vehicles. The failure to supervise and make sure that all children have exited the vehicle has resulted, in some instances, serious personal injury and / or death of a child. In Kissimmee (Osceola County), Florida, a school bus driver (Benjamin Gonzalez) and and school aide (Carmen Pacheco) were recently charged and arrested for child neglect regarding an incident where a 3 year old special needs boy was left on a bus for 6 hours. The incident was investigated by the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Department of Children and Families. It was reported in the Orlando Sentinel that the child did not appear to suffer any significant injuries; nevertheless, his mother did take him to a hospital for evaluation.

All school and day care bus drivers and aide should take all necessary precautions to make sure that children are properly supervised while on a bus and furthermore should make sure that all children safely exit the bus. Fortunately, this child is alive today, nevertheless, this child was negligently left in a very dangerous situation that could have resulted in tragic consequences. You can read more about this story at School Employees Arrested for Leaving 3 Year Old Special Needs Child Unattended for 6 Hours – Kissimmee, Florida (Osceola County).