Special Education Teacher Provided Alcohol and Vehicle to Student – DUI Crash and Arrest of Student


An Oviedo, Florida high school special education teacher recently resigned from her job. The resignation followed a DUI crash and arrest of a student who was reportedly given alcohol and the use of a vehicle by the teacher. The Orlando Sentinel (Reporter: Willoughby Mariano) wrote an excellent article regarding this incident. It was important for the reporter and Orlando Sentinel to cover this story since it shows that some teachers have extremely poor judgment that, at times, leads to serious consequences. In this case, a teen was in an automobile accident and then arrested due to intoxication. The teen even make threatening comments to police officers upon his arrest. While there were no reported injuries, this kind of incident could have lead to quite tragic consequences if the teen or another person had been serious ly injured or died as a result of this DUI crash. Dylan Ferguson, age 18, was a senior of Oviedo High School, as of the date of the accident. Yes, Dylan is an adult and should have known better. Furthermore, Dylan should be held responsible or accountable for his action. In addition, any person, including teachers and others, should also be accountable or responsible if alcohol was knowingly provided to a person under the age of 21 in the State of Florida. You can read more about this article at Oviedo Teacher Resigns Following DUI Crash and Arrest of Oviedo High School Senior.