Sparklers Pose a Risk for Children on July 4th – Independence Day and Other Holidays


For many, July 4th is a fun day filled with swimming, BBQs, baseball games, and, yes fireworks. There are many forms of fireworks. Some fireworks are big shows run by cities and Disney World. While other firework displays are much smaller in size and reach, some people including children play with Sparklers. Compared with the big bang and lights of some fireworks, Sparklers seem like harmless fun; however, looks and power can be quite deceiving when considering Sparklers. Emergency room doctors and other health care providers know the consequences, dangers and harm caused by Sparklers. The Salt Lake Tribute reported that Sparklers burn a a temperature in excess of 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. Some experts estimate that 1/3 of fireworks related injuries are attributed to Sparklers. You can read more about this story at Sparklers Cause Personal Injury to Children and Others.

It is always best to have adult supervise when there are Sparklers or any other fireworks in use. It is well known that children lack good judgment. This is especially true when children are in awe and distracted by the presence of fireworks and anything that is ignited. Consistent safety precautions and supervision can help prevent serious personal injuries to children from fireworks.