Spanking / Corporal Punishment at Home May Lead to Aggressive Behavior Including Bullying by the Child


Deciding how to parent a child is a very difficult decision. Some parents spank and some do not. Some parents believe that a good spanking is among the best way to discipline a child and deter future bad behavior. Other parents disagree and believe that spanking only aggravates the situation and causes other problems for the child. A study to be published in the May 2010 Issue of Pediatrics indicates that spanking or corporal punishment may lead to violent behavior on the part of the child including acts of bullying. Catherine Taylor, PHD, one of the researchers in the study, stated that parents should concentrate on enforcing positive forms of discipline that do not involve physical force / the use of spanking. You can read more about this story at Study Suggest that Spanking May Turn Kids Aggressive at Later Stage of Childhood.