South Florida Toddler Remains in Critical Condition After Falling off of Train Ride at Southland Mall – What Safety Measures Were In Place?


A toddler is in critical condition after falling off a train ride at the Southland Mall in Dade County, Florida. The toddler was on an electric train at the Southland Mall and for some reason fell off of the ride and suffered a head injury and trauma. Paramedics from Dade County or Miami Fire Rescue arrived on the scene to find a mother who was very upset and stressed over the injuries to her young son. The Southland Mall management shut down the ride for inspection by the Department of Insurance. The toddler was rushed to Miami Children’s Hospital for admission. The incident was reported in the news but there are several questions or issues that come to mind on a serious personal injury matter like this.

What kind of train was it?

What the the speed of the train at the time of the incident?

What safety measures were taken by the mall and / or ride operator to insure the safety of young children while on the train ride?

What seat belts or safety harnesses were in place at the time of the incident?

Was the toddler riding alone, with his mother, and / or with others?

Have there been any other incidents with this train in this mall or other malls?

Miami Dade Police and the Department of Agriculture will investigate this matter to determine if there were any defects in the train, tracks, or operation of the same. You can read more about this tragic injury at Toddler Injured on Train Ride at South Florida Mall.