Song at Webster (St. Johns County Schools) Results in Second Injunction – Separation of Church and State Issues


The battle over the separation of church and State is alive and well in St. Johns County, Florida. Attorneys in North Florida are seeking to halt or stop the teaching of a song that they argue is sectarian and proselytizing religion to 3rd grade students at the Webster School. This is the second time in less than one month that a song has been challenged that was being taught to St. Johns County School District students. The song at issue is Chatter with Angels. Public schools are prohibited from promoting religion or religious teachings to students. Many believe that the teaching of a historical song is harmless and just a matter of history and tradition. Others believe that it is the shameless promotion of one religion over another. These matters really are not subject to a vote of parents or a matter of taste. It is a legal issue – Is the teaching of a particular song the promotion or proselytizing of religious views or beliefs? Ultimately, this matter will be resolved by a judge or jury. You can read more about this story at Song at Webster (St. Johns County School) Results in an Injunction.