Somer Thompson (Orange Park, Florida) Was Just 7 Years Old . . . What Will the Investigation Reveal?


Tragically, the national spotlight is shining right near my home town of Jacksonville, Florida. Orange Park, Florida is just one county over and basically is part of the Greater Jacksonville area. Somer Thompson was just 7 years old when she died. A memorial service was recently held to commemorate her short life and, yes, her tragic death. Currently, investigators are fielding calls and leads. In addition, investigators are interviewing and re-interviewing potential witnesses, family members, and any others with information regarding the disappearance and death of the child. Some of the evidence will come from the landfill in Georgia where Somer’s lifeless body was found. It will be interesting to see what the investigation will uncover as to the death of this child. Among the questions that come to mind are the following:

What forensic evidence was revealed through the autopsy?
What external marks, bruises, or lacerations were caused pre-mortem or before death?
How did the dumping of the body affect the autopsy?
How much of the garbage will investigators analyze?
Can investigators and technicians pinpoint where the body was picked up by the garbage collectors?
Do the police have any prime suspects at this time?
Do the police have any suspects at all at this time?
Did anyone have a motive to harm this child?
What timeline have the police and investigators pieced together from witness statements and other evidence collected on this matter?

The death of Somer Thompson garnered national attention and press. Hopefully, this attention and press will result in some good by bringing whoever ended the life of this young child to justice. Anybody with information regarding this case should immediately contact the Orange Park (Clay County Sheriff’s Office). You can read more about the Somer Thompson’s Memorial Service at the Florida Times Union (Jacksonville) Newspaper Website.