Social Networking Web Sites Like My Space Can Cause You and Your Child Problems


What does domestic violence and My Space have to do with each other in Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville, Florida? Well, everything in the case of a couple who fought over a message left on the 23 year old man’s My Space Page. The man threw a mobile telephone at the woman, poked her in the eye and grabbed her neck after she questioned him about a message from another woman. The man was arrested. While this is not a good example of good behavior or conduct for our children, it is a good story to talk about with our children. Show them the article and tell them what problems can occur with postings on My Space and other internet web sites. A simple joke may turn into much more. Tell your children to use good judgment when dealing with other people in person or over the Internet. See My Space Page in Atlantic Beach, Florida Leads to Domestic Violence and Arrest.