Social Networking, the i Phone, and Your Child Can Lead to Sexual Exploitation and Molestation


Social Networking, the Internet, Smart Phones, the Blackberry, the iPhone, and the laptop are all great tools. Unfortunately, there are many people out there who are using these tools and the associated technology to prey on children. A story reported in the Huffington Post and other news outlets involved a 14 year old girl who was seduced by a 44 year old man. It has been alleged that the man – Moses Virgil Campbell, Jr. – age 44 – had sex with the 14 year old girl. An investigation led to the location of the 14 year old girl underneath Mr. Campbell’s bed . The intervention by the teen’s mother led to the discovery of this inappropriate and illegal relationship. A cab company and driver also provided information to investigators that led to the arrest of Mr. Campbell. See Man Allegedly Used iPhone App to Meet; Have Sex with 14 Year Old Girl: FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation).

It was reported that Mr. Campbell met the 14 year old through a Social Networking site / program called i Date – an application for the iPhone. Mr. Campbell will be able to defend himself against these charges from a public defender or a private criminal defense lawyer. It may be a tough case to defend against the charges since there will be evidence in the form of electronic evidence. In addition, police found the teen underneath Mr. Campbell’s. How is this going to be explained if it can be explained at all?

Parents should be aware of stories like these and take an opportunity to speak to their children and check on the Internet and Social Networking activity of their children.