Small Plane Hits Vehicle and Kills Two People Near Private Tallahassee (Leon County) Runway


A tragic accident recently took place in Leon County, Tallahassee, Florida. A small private plane was taking off from a private runway when it crashed into a Jeep vehicle that was driving alongside the single engine plane. After the Jeep was struck by the aircraft / airplane, the Jeep crashed into a tree. There were two people in the Jeep who died as a result of the crash. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will conduct an investigation into this crash. Authorities and investigators will evaluate various issues including but not limited to the following:

What was the layout and size of the runway?
Did the pilot have a license?
What training did the pilot have?
How far was the Jeep from the airplane prior to the crash?
Were there any mechanical defects or problems with the airplane or the Jeep?
Were drugs or alcohol involved by the driver or the pilot?
What safety precautions were taken by the pilot to avoid the accident / crash?

The crash and resulting deaths were certainly a tragedy for those involved and the Leon County (Tallahassee) community. You can read more about this incident at
Small Plane Hits Vehicle Near Private Leon County Florida Runway