Sixteen Year Old Jacksonville, Florida Girl, Tiphne Hollis, Dies After Being Shot


Sixteen year old high school student Tiphne Hollis was a sophomore at Ed White High School in Jacksonville Florida. She died after being shot while travelling through the area of Stockton Street north of Interstate 10 in a car full of other young girls.

Tiphne’s cousin reported that she and some other young ladies had been shopping together earlier in the day, and decided to go see a friend in what is considered a rough area of Jacksonville. The girls were driving down the street in an old police car with tinted windows when they heard a shot, followed by several more. Tiphne collapsed into her sister’s lap, and was pronounced dead at Shands Jacksonville Medical Center sometime later.

Tiphne’s family is shocked by her sudden death, saying that she was a peaceful and loving young woman who held a part-time job at a local daycare and had aspirations to attend college and become a real estate agent. Tiphne’s mother, Shanda, said the incident is like a nightmare from which she cannot wake up. Tiphne’s grandmother, Wynoma, is “stunned” by the violence in certain neighborhoods of Jacksonville. Tiphne’s mother agreed, saying she hoped her daughter’s death could serve as a wake-up call for residents to come together and stop crime.

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